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Pay only for conversion

The advertiser pays for his campaign, not by clicks or impressions, but solely for a specific targeted action like an order, registration, or purchase.

Our most used affiliate models are CPA, CPL, CPI, Revenue Share, etc. We will help you to find the best option to promote your company, product, or service that will perfectly meet your needs.

Advantages for Advertisers

In-house developed software

Our platform is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. It can be customized in any appropriate way to make your affiliate marketing journey convenient, effective, and impactful.

High-quality leads

You define what kind of leads you need and we supply you with clients exactly in accordance with your request.

Dedicated account managers

Our account managers will help you get started with your advertising campaign and support you throughout the process.

Flexible approach to system integration

We will take into account all your requirements to make the integration process as simple as possible. Our tracking system maintains the following integration methods: S2S, Pixel, JS, and API.

In-house media buying

Our specialists will launch an individualized advertising campaign for you.

Your own affiliate program

If you have any request about the development or management of your own brand affiliate program, we can take care of this issue on a turn-key basis.



Standard advertiser’s placement. The advertiser provides the description and content of the advertising campaign.

Advendor places an offer in its system and selects publishers (webmasters) to promote an ad campaign.

Publishers (webmasters) independently launch an advertising campaign and attract traffic to the advertiser’s website.

The advertiser pays only for completed targeted actions on the site (purchases, orders, registrations).


To promote an exclusive offer, Advendor involves not only its own publishers (webmasters) but also other CPA networks (90% of global networks are in partnership with Advendor).

All organizational and financial issues are handled by a single partner: Advendor.

On its own, Advendor:

  • promotes an advertiser’s offer in the affiliate marketing environment
  • manages the program
  • monitors performance figures
  • engages in optimization
  • represents the brand at relevant international conferences


Includes all the “Exclusive” features, plus:

  • Individual promotion through selected promotional channels by a team of deeply specialized professionals in Advendor’s media buying department

The effectiveness of the advertising campaign is the highest in this format.

Personal affiliate program

Advendor develops brand affiliate marketing programs for advertisers that include:

  • a description
  • promo materials
  • program promotion
  • search for publishers (webmasters)
  • placement in the biggest and most trusted media sources in the affiliate field
  • program management
  • control and optimization
  • brand presentation at relevant international conferences

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