Case studies


It was the most ambitious and challenging project, which we executed as a part of a 5-week promotion campaign. Advendor was the first network in history to launch an affiliate program based on the CPA model for the crypto fundraising project. We developed, implemented, and successfully conducted a unique campaign that helped to source $7.5 million for our Advertiser. These results brought the company to the world’s TOP-5 investments raised in the first half of 2017 in its industry.


registrations (almost 50% of total users)


pledges (conversion rate over 50%)


in investments generated by traffic attracted by Advendor (25% of total funding)

Cloud Mining

Since the foundation of the company, we’ve been rising to the new challenges to develop and bring something new to the affiliate marketing industry. Some of these projects were fast-growing Cloud-Mining companies from a brand new crypto vertical. Due to our effectively conducted affiliate campaigns, Cloud-Mining companies we worked with turned into the world’s TOP-3 biggest brands in its industry.

Our exclusive partnerships helped these companies to increase brand awareness, user flow, and earnings.




purchased contracts


total sales


Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher. Advendor has been in partnership with Wargaming since 2016. Over these years, we not only had a chance to earn a solid trust regarding our service, but we also became the Best Affiliate Network Partner in 2019.

There are three well-known Wargaming projects presented in our network – Caliber, World Of Tanks, and World Of Warships. We also collaborated on promoting Total War Arena and gained remarkable results.

In partnership with Wargaming we offer the most flexible and broad conditions which include multiple payment models for our affiliates.

150 000

playing users are attracted around the globe


Every 5th visitor registers. Every 8th user stays as an active player.


1-day return rate


1xBet is one of the most fast-growing betting companies and our Advertiser for almost two years. During this time we managed to attract over $8 million of deposits. About 2,000 players from all over the world make bets daily and bring profit to 1xBet so far. And these numbers are only growing.


deposits for the first 1.5 years of cooperation


average profit per player


registrations and more than half of which made deposits