Jul 03, 2020

Push Notification Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Push notification advertising is becoming more and more popular in affiliate marketing.

This type of digital ads did not have enough time to bother users and at the same time. It proved to be effective in all the main verticals, having earned the trust of experienced affiliate marketers and becoming a good starting point for beginners.

Despite the tremendous growth in the push notification audience in 2018, most of the Internet users are still not covered by the new advertising format. In 2019, ad networks continued to increase traffic, as well as small push nets.

Advantages of push advertising:

  • Wide GEO. With push ads you can target billions of users worldwide, giving you huge reach potential for your campaigns.
  • High conversion rates and ROI
  • Low price
  • Setup and launch simplicity
  • Due to push ads format versatility, they can work well as a tool for different affiliate marketing verticals.

A few tips to make your push ad campaign better.

Creatives that used in the push ad campaigns are very important in this process.

  • Use short and concise Title (usually up to 30 characters), creative Description (usually up to 40 characters) and a catchy Image.
  • Push ads format allows to use emojis, and it is highly recommended to not neglect this opportunity to make the campaign more effective.
  • Also, make sure that users get no more than one push per day.
  • Use tracking and do not forget to optimize.

Affiliate marketing is evolving. We are seeing it change every month. New channels open up while others fade away. Now it looks like push notification traffic is here to stay.