Advendor Team

Samantha Graham
Maxim Jevsejev
Max is not only good at doing his job on his own, but he is a confident and proactive manager in terms of team leading as well. Optimistic and enthusiastic he handles the business with a strong and decisive manner.
Samantha Graham
Irakli Guntaishvili
Irakli's work experience lays in many different fields. He preferred to deal with international sales and marketing and had a chance to work with such popular brands like Discovery Channel, MTV and SONY Pictures.
Lindsay McKnight
Juri Tokarski
Juri is a dedicated specialist in the field of management and business administration. Energetic and always ready to tackle new challenges he cares deeply for him team which makes her a great leader and motivator.
Alex Polupanov
Alex Polupanov
Web Developer
Our web developer works closely with the marketing and design teams to make sure he is involved in all projects from concept to completion. Alex has excellent communication, organizational and planning skills, as well as the ability to work well in a team and more than capable to delve into new leading technologies.

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  • 61217,12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • email: [email protected]